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Welcome to Split, Croatia


first stop: Split, Croatia 

The first month of my journey with Remote Year is in Split, Croatia. It is a beautiful city rich in history. My temporary home is cozy with lots of homey details, but its most impressive feature is definitely the view! Nine stories up I can see the Adriatic Sea and a few of Croatia’s islands.

I can also see the WIP Coworking space that we have access to do work at from my window, a ten minute journey down stairs and hills. I’ve been so thankful for my Pure Barre classes  for getting me in shape for that steep hill and that I can continue doing the workouts with Pure Barre On-Demand.

but pomalo – take it easy.
That is the motto of Croatia, and I remember that as I make my way up and down the hill, to just enjoy the walk and the view.

As an entrepreneur who has worked mostly alone from home, it has been a treat to share a space and work with others and have more human contact. The space itself is also fantastic!

I’m still getting to know my fellow cohorts but I am in awe of the diversity of people and the many talents that are represented among them. This includes other designers, musicians, writers and even a comedian/puppeteer!   

old town

The place I have visited the most so far is Old Town. Here are many amazing restaurants, shops, the Green Market and the semi-restored Palace of Diocletian.

One of the local Remote Year staff gave us a tour of the palace, sharing the history of it being built and how the walls protected the town within.

We entered through the brass gates and through an underground chamber that was once used to dispose of trash from the protected town and now (cleaned up of course) holds shops. Game of Thrones fans would also recognize it as the area the dragons were kept.

The Old Town if filled with beautiful pathways, textures and stone work. I definitely have taken a lot of pictures, and plan to take more!

first bites of food in Croatia
But it is also where I have enjoyed a decent amount of the food I’ve tried, including zucchini on pizza. It was different but actually pretty good.

I’ve also been able to try with others Bokarria and Bokamorra. The first is a kitchen and wine bar with a stunning interior, including a chandelier visible from both first and second floors where I had a pistachio gnocchi. Actually pistachio has been a theme for this trip because it was included on one of the pizzas I was able to try at Bokamorra too. All of Bokamorra’s pizzas, including desert pizzas had me wanting more!

slowing down to enjoy the Split lifestyle
Saturday I was able to walk to Old Town from the WIP co-working space with a few of the sweetest ladies I have met in my Remote Year family. It took about 30 minutes following the calming views of the water. When we arrived, we sat down for a few drinks in the square chatting and enjoying a charcuterie board of food in front of us. It was probably one of my favorite moments so far.

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