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No Equipment Needed Workouts for at Home + AirBnB or Hotel Travel

Self-Care, Travel

I’m not one who can sit in one place for very long, so for this girl to stay sane during the 2020 Covid-19 self-quarantine period I NEED TO MOVE! 

Self-care and mental health are extremely important, especially now. So in this blog posts I’m sharing my favorite no equipment needed at home, Airbnb and hotel travel friendly workouts. 

Side note: I love getting outside for a walk when I can and even more so while traveling, but let’s be honest; I live in the Wisconsin and midwest weather in the spring is a bit unpredictable!

Virtual Options From Your Favorite At Home Fitness Studio

Does your favorite at home fitness studio or gym offers any virtual classes? If they do, it is the best way to stay connected to your favorite workout while traveling or right now as we stay at home.

Pure Barre Go

One of my favorite workouts at home is Pure Barre. The great thing about Pure Barre is that they offer Pure Barre Go (formerly On Demand). So when I’m traveling and can’t find a nearby studio, it is a go to for me! You can pay for Pure Barre Go separately but depending on your plan at your Pure Barre studio, you may already have it included! 

Pure Barre Go offers you the experience (without the need to have the equipment) of a killer in studio Pure Barre workout with a variety of instructors and different focuses for areas fo the body. When I was traveling with Remote Year for four months last year this was a life saver to just be able to get that workout in. I can rave on and on about Barre and how it is an amazing full body workout that is high intensity while remaining low impact on your body but let’s get to the next one.

Covid-19 Has Caused Many Stuidos to Adapt to Virtual Right Now

Many local fitness studios have created ways to offer virtual classes during the current season as we stay safe at home. So be sure to check them out and support them during this time!


Free Online YouTube Videos

The budget friendly option is to take advantage of YouTube’s amazing resource of free on-demand workouts that include everything from Zumba to Beachbody to Yoga and my favorite Blogilates!


One of my favorite online YouTubers and fitness gurus is Cassie, a.k.a. Blogilates. I’ve done the Pop Pilates workouts that Cassie has posted for years. Following Cassey’s monthly workout calendar gave me the core strength that I needed to be able to run my first mile and beyond. 

Cassey has been showing up, sharing her positive upbeat energy and putting out weekly videos for so long now that there is an amazing library of videos, including:

  • workouts targeting specific areas of the body (core, arms, thighs, booty)
  • apartment friendly workouts (no bouncing to annoy the neighbor below)
  • HIIT workouts
  • stretching
  • dance workouts

If you’re like me and that large library overwhelms you, leaving you not knowing where to start, the best thing is Cassey puts out monthly workout calendars to follow, making it easy! The calendars are absolutely free, just sign up for her email list and download it. Every day includes 4-5 videos to give you a workout that will lead you feeling well worked out but energized. And of course it can all be done without any equipment.

Virtual Personal Trainers

The final suggestion I have is working with a virtual personal trainer. Your personal trainer is going to be able to create something specifically for you that works with your body, your needs and  your fitness level. When you’re traveling or stuck at home like we are currently a personal trainer that offers virtual options will plan workouts you can do right at home. I’m going to give a shout out to two people, I absolutely love. 

Trainer Tessa B

I traveled together on Remote Year with Tessa and during that time she started taking courses to become a certified fitness trainer. She recently launched a new, Instagram, @TrainerTessaB, where she is putting out workouts for you to follow at home. Tessa is all sorts of adorable yet fierce and I love her, so go check her out and give her some love. 

B. Unstoppable

The second shout out I want to give is to my friend Jenni. Jenni has an amazing community she has started called B. Unstoppable. Let me tell you, I absolutely love her heart, and her mission behind what she is doing. She wants to empower women to feel strong and be strong, without feeling intimidated by the gym. Jenni creates online workouts lead through zoom.

Leave Your Favorite in the Comments

Of course, there are other options out there including apps and videos that you can purchase and give you a great at home workout experience. And when you are traveling, don’t forget to simply get out there, walk tons of miles to see all the beautiful scenery, hike mountains, run on the beach and more. If you’re staying for an extended time, you can always look up a gym or studio in the area for a temporary membership. 

I love recommendations

If you have an at home friendly workout you love and I didn’t mention please drop it in the comments below. Together let’s build an even greater list of options to choose from! 

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