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This Fact About Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again Surprised Me


While taking an island hopping tour with Bonaca Experience I was suprised to find out that Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, the sequal to the hit Abba musical brought to film, was not filmed in Greece where the movie takes place.

Wait. What?!

Okay, okay…that’s not really a surprise. Movies are often not filmed where the storyline takes place. But there was a bit of a surprise factor when our skipper and owner of Bonaca, Dueje, pointed out a bit of dock on an island we were passing; sharing that it was none other than part of the dock left from the Mama Mia sequel.

This dock. The one everyone in the film arrived to the inn on ⬇️

Especially given the fact that much of the current filming hype in Croatia was centered on the Croatian city of Dubrovnik where Game of Thrones was filmed and at the time airing its final season, I was not expecting to hear this fun fact.

Meet the Town of  Komiža on the Island of Vis

Part of the boat trip included stopping to explore the island of Vis in the town of Komiža. The same island with that remaining dock from the movie. While I was with several of my Remote Year cohorts, something called me to wander off on my own while we were there. This charming costal town provided many delightful surprises in the twists and turns of its paths.

I loved the stone work of the homes and other buildings on the island. There was so much character in each one, along with Mediterranean florals and plants, vines, cute doors and wall mounted lanterns everywhere. There was even cat that decided to follow me along the path for a bit.

I cannot even tell you how many lemon trees there were. I lost count. They were everywhere! I spotted a cute little home with a large garden of trees as I climbed up into the town of Komiža.

Of course, I had to take a selfie from the higher up view overlooking the Adriatic Sea. 

I got to a point where I felt I was as high as I could go for the amount of time we had on this portion of the island. I was considering turning around when I came upon a treasure! In the hillside as I overlooked the backside of a church building was a path built in and leading all the way down. It brought me not only to the church but right in front of me was a beautiful view of the water.

I took time here to be still and in silence. To simply be and enjoy the space I was in. I was in awe over the clear water, the sunshine hitting my face and the culture of where I was at. I found at the bottom of the hill more treasures like a mini golf course. And as I took the path back to the boat dock made sure to wander down an occasional alley to catch a few more surprises

Do you recognize anything from Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again!?

Let me know if you do in the comments below! At the time I was not sure, but later as I watched the movie on the plane there were a few moments of recognition. Of course there is always that movie magic making things different than they appear too . 

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